RD Photo Services

Robin Driscoll

634 Ridgefield Dr.

Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 717-0825


4 thoughts on “CONTACT ME!”

  1. Laura myers said:

    Saw there were only 56 pics from Chs football game. Are more being posted still? Thx

    • rdphotoservices said:

      Oh dear Laura! Some how I goofed! Thank you for bringing it to my attention…I just can’t figure out how all the images didn’t land in the gallery.
      Turned my back for a moment and the gremlins got me! Somehow, all of the images were not ready and waiting for you! So when you get a chance come and check out all of the game photos (192 images!) I shot a lot of great images! I hope you’ll take another look!

      I have created a coupon (check your email or use OOPS in the coupon code at checkout to get $10 off) to encourage visitors to come back and check out all the images! Buy one digital download and get the second Free…good until September 4, 2012!

      Have a great holiday weekend and I’ll see you at the next game!


  2. Nancy Emch said:

    Hi – I am the slow GS who forgot to pay you for the GS Annual Meeting and Recognition pictures in April of this year. We talked on the phone and I found my order form but this was on 1 computer and the order was on another computer. See, my problem. I think I got an email about ending the pictures but I really want to order the download ones I picked for $60.00. I guess I didn’t pay you like I thought. Call me on my cell phone today or whenever to settle this goof by me. 818.517-3179.

    Hope to hear from you sometime in a few days,
    Nancy Emch

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