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The dog days of summer are winding down…and fall is in the air- ok…not in Southern California where the days are still in the upper 90’s…yet fall is almost here.  The TV buzzes with back to school advertisements.  But the first football game of the season really punctuates the fact that summer is over!

I shoot a lot of sports…but other than a Pee Wee Football game several years ago…I haven’t been on the grid iron since.  An opportunity arose to shoot Claremont High School’s Football season arose…and I jumped!

Head Coach Mike Collins led the team to battle.  The team fought hard yet didn’t prevail.  Final score of 38-14 (non-league game). in  As a member of the community I want our home team to prevail.  As a photographer my goal is to shoot great images showing their passion for the game!  After all these kids play hard…they deserve great action shots the show their passion to win!