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You know how it goes.  You work…you come home…cook dinner…clean up…go to sleep…and do it again. Well here I sit processing images, working on my website…gearing up to do my taxes…and I just had it!  I had to go shoot!

I grabbed my camera and went into the back yard looking for something to shoot.  My husband had mentioned the bird nest in the eaves and how he couldn’t wait til the chicks left the nest so he could get rid of the nest… Peering in oh so carefully (on a ladder a respectful distance away) I balanced and took a few shots of the babies.

Baby Birds in Nest

Baby sparrows waiting patiently for Momma and Lunch!

Next I headed back to the pond.  The Koi are getting large….but they are no longer curious when you get to the edge of the water.  I tossed them some pellets and sat back and waited and waited until they finally surfaced.

Koi Feeding

Koi coyly grabbing a pellet

Two Koi Feeding

Two Koi looking for Lunch

Next I was buzzed three brilliant flame orange dragon flies dancing and darting across the water occasionally landing on the horsetail reeds.

Dragonfly 1

Dragonfly 2

Sunning Dragonfly

Dragonfly 3

Sunning Dragonfly on reed

These guys seemed to be flying around harassing the sole blue dragonfly.

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly resting after being chased by the red dragonflies!

A great diversion…now it’s time to get back to work!