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Senior year is all about finishing up and anticipation of getting on with it!  Calling the shots!  Well that part doesn’t have to wait until you are on your way to the college dorms.  It starts with how you present yourself.

Your senior portraits are the start of saying who you are!  Find a portrait photographer who can catch you enthusiasm for life!  As an action sport photographer, I love shooting kids in motion!

Ready Set Go

Senior Portraits Action Portrait, Ready Set Go!

Taking into account sport seasons, we get started as soon as possible to catch some great images of each sport.  Future posts will show this athlete’s water polo action shots, action portraits and finally his senior portrait session.

In several weeks I will shoot him playing his passion (and my shooting passion as well)! Water Polo!

Consider shooting more than just the same old Senior Portraits!  Insist your photographer shoot your passion!  Because after all it is All About You!