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How is a Passion Born?

Somewhere, somehow a thought that everyone has, diverts off into something that is your own. It’s like a mutation of an idea.  But somehow the passion was born…you stopped looking and treating the idea/action the same as the rest of the world.  You can’t stop thinking about it, developing and pursuing it.  With each self-interaction, the act of doing becomes a part of you but yet stands on its own. Your process of doing becomes the motivation to continue developing the skills, the technique or action.  The process of “doing” becomes the passion.

At age  of 9 or 10, I shot this image of the flying angel while my family was living in Northern Italy.  My father was a photography enthusiast and all four of us kids had cameras.  He would informally teach us about composition and exposure by having us all line up and shoot the same image.  While visiting Castello San Angelo in Rome we lined up for our shot.  My brother and sister took their shot and took off with my dad.  I had the idea that if I moved the camera while I hit the shutter I could get the angel to look like it was flying!  My brother came up to me and said he was going to tell Dad that I was wasting film (the threat that my Dad used to make sure that we didn’t waste film and took our time to get good images).  I didn’t care because I knew that in my photo the angel was going to fly!  In retrospect that was the day the passion was born.

Do you know someone who seems consumed by a passion?