Fall Sports is Here!


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The dog days of summer are winding down…and fall is in the air- ok…not in Southern California where the days …

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Swim, Peddle, Run, Breathe…Repeat!


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Bonelli Park, San Dimas, California the stage is set.  The challenge is calling. TriEvents has set out the course.  Tri-athlete’s …

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High Line NYC is a Great Place to Shoot!


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Kathy Laurienti of North Denver Sausage and Julie Thomas of Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces stroll along High Line, a public park stretching above Manhattan’s West Side streets, built on a historic freight rail line.

Kathy on High Line

Kathy Laurienti; North Denver Sausage Company of Denver, CO

Kathy knows sausage supplying local Denver restaurants with link and bulk sausage as well as yummy handmade meatballs!  But you gotta try their  flavorful spicy dried sausages.  This week production begins on a new dry pepperoni!  All of North Denver Sausages are USDA approved!  These dry sausages make a wonderful accompaniment to an hors d’oeuvre or anti-pasta platter.

The lucky food blogger attendees of Camp Blogaway will get to try North Denver Sausage products in the goodie bags.

Kathy has worked for this family business for 30 years and now is successful running this business through these tough economic times! Kathy is one of Deluxe Corp’s Project REV participants of 2012, receiving $15,000 in marketing products and services as well as a year of marketing and business mentoring by(SCORE.Org.)

North Denver Sausage and Paisano Sausage just Launched their new website!

You can also find them on Facebook

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Red Moon over Los Angeles-It’s all Perspective


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ImageOnce in a red moon…or is it once in a blue moon?

Luckily, I have a great friend Mike who is a great planner and organizer.  Several weeks ago, I got an email invitation to join the group for a sunset Hollywood Sign Hike.  Well I am horribly out of shape and only made it a third of the way last time I joined the group back in January.

In January I plugged up as far as I could before I quit.  I wasn’t ready for the view.  As a photographer you should be able to shoot as great an image with point and shoot or a cell phone camera as you do with your expensive gear.  I shot these with my EVO HTC, processed them with Nik Software’s Snapseed App.


This time I motivated not by the opportunity to get to the top (but worse – the fear of failure and the photo opportunity to shoot the  red moon) So I psyched myself into joining in.  Mike offered to carry my tripod…so off we went.  Slowly I made it up the steep hill.  Other photographers flew up the mountain ahead of me.  A young mom hiker passed me quickly with a baby in a a backpack carrier followed by her husband also carry a small child in a carrier, as well as a camera bag and a tripod.

Focused on the prize…a photographic opportunity…I plugged on breathing hard…stopping every few minutes to rest.  Mike all the way encouraging me and distracting me from my pains.  Finally moments before sunset we arrived at the top and joined the other two couples in our group for wine, cheese and a the view of the glorious red moon, and the city lights below!  Serenaded by the sounds of the group Los Obos performing to a sold out crowd at the Greek.


(Regrettably the red moon shone to the left of the city over a rather boring expanse of hills with a few lights.)

Last night was a magical night!  Was it the moon? Was it making it to the top? Was it the just a great group of friends?  Or the challenges to get to the top to shoot a magical image?

Thanks Mike and group for the encouragement!  Here is a link to some other great Los Angeles Hikes!

Can’t wait for the next hike!

Senior Portraits Action Sport Portrait Component


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Senior year is all about finishing up and anticipation of getting on with it!  Calling the shots!  Well that part doesn’t have to wait until you are on your way to the college dorms.  It starts with how you present yourself.

Your senior portraits are the start of saying who you are!  Find a portrait photographer who can catch you enthusiasm for life!  As an action sport photographer, I love shooting kids in motion!

Ready Set Go

Senior Portraits Action Portrait, Ready Set Go!

Taking into account sport seasons, we get started as soon as possible to catch some great images of each sport.  Future posts will show this athlete’s water polo action shots, action portraits and finally his senior portrait session.

In several weeks I will shoot him playing his passion (and my shooting passion as well)! Water Polo!

Consider shooting more than just the same old Senior Portraits!  Insist your photographer shoot your passion!  Because after all it is All About You!

Butterfly; Angel or Devil?


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Check out these two high school athletes at a swim meet.  Both images were shot within 10 minutes of each other.  Two different emotions from the same subject!

When I shoot sports images, I never rapid fire shoot–hoping that I get a great image.  I observe and try to understand the motion, the light and timing to capture the height and drama of the action.  Not every image works.  But when the stars align-oh it’s a thing of beauty!

Which do you prefer?

Butterfly Stroke Intensity

Butterfly Swimmer

Both images were processed in Lightroom with some tweaking in Niks Viveza2.

Tri-Events Triathlon Series…30 Years of No Excuses!


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As an action sports photographer I love shooting TriEvents’ Triathlons at Bonelli Park in San Dimas California! The enthusiasm is contagious..I am nurturing my passion of shooting while these athlete’s live their passion by competing!

Tri-Events is 30 years old!  The oldest triathlon in the country!  The setting is beautiful.  The lake is back dropped by the spring snow topped foothills.   The only problem is that there is only one me and too many shooting opportunities!

TriEvents Triathlon

Transition from Swim to Bike

So What is a Triathlon?

Three races rolled into one event!  The Championship Race athlete’s swim 500m, bike 23.3k and finish up with a 5k run.  Not sure your up for the Championship Race?  Then the Express race is perfect for you starting with a 300m swim, 12k bike race completed with a 5k run.  Both races are at the same time with staggered starts.   Interested in competing?  The next race is May 12th and June 10th.  Find out more by visiting the Trievents website.


Prepping for the Swim

Race Prep

Race Layers


Ready Set Go!

Swim Finish

Capturing the Swim Finish


Swim to Bike Transition

Swim to Bike Transition


Suzy representing POLAR and Hammer Nutrition finishing the race


The Finishing Kid Athlete's were inspiring!


Top Finishers Award Ceremony

POLAR and Hammer Nutrition Sponsor

POLAR and Hammer Nutrition Sponsor

Of course if you want more information about the races check out Trievents’ Facebook page (Like them while your there to get all the up to date race information!)



Julie Thomas – Highline NYC


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Julie Thomas of Two Fat Guys Gourmwt Sauces

Julie Thomas of Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces wants to share a secret how to make your barbecue Gluten Free and sizzling yummy!

Julie Thomas of Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces, knows how to throw a great barbecue!  You gotta try these sauces!! Choose your favorite sauce: Mild, Smoky, Spicy or Lava Hot! Not only are they tasty but they are all Gluten Free, High Fructose Corn Syrup Free, and fat and Cholesterol free!!!

This Hinsdale, Il business is growing with the support of Project REV 2012!  They won $15,000 in marketing products and services, a year of marketing mentoring and a year of small business mentoring with SCORE.ORG.

Go ahead and Like Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces on Facebook!

You can also follow them on Twitter as well!!/ilovetwofatguys